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  • Arcadia (2015)

    Arcadia (2015)

    Arcadia (2015)

    55 min | Documentary | Production: Cineprojects


    Film Director:
        Helga Landauer
        Helga Landauer
    Director of Photography:
        Juliy Olshvang
        Eljohn Abbasov
    Sound Design and Sound Mix:
        Konstantin Filanon and Eljohn Abbasov
    Sound Recordist:
        Dmitry Timonin
    Postproduction Supervisor:
        Darya Zhuk
    Color Correction:
        Andy Fortenbacher
    Poetry Translations:
        Dana Goldin, Alex Siegal And Margo Rosen
        Helga Landauer

    Official selection of RusDocFilmFest-3W, the 8th Russian Documentary Independent Film Festival in New York, USA (special diploma for the best film in “Poet and the Word” nomination); IFF “Message to Man”, Documentary Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia; “Northern Character”, International Film & TV Festival in Murmansk, Russia



    Our travels in Arcadia – the mythical place of heaven – begin at New York’s Grand Central Station in 2001, only weeks after September 11.We are led over the next thirteen years by the great Russian Poet Vladimir Gandelsman. Wherever he takes us, be it the smoking ruins of the Twin Towers, the streets of his Bronx neighborhood, a rainy park or a subway train, Arcadia shimmers through. Gandelsman banished death – “Even this word is absent,” he says – from his poetry book “Arcadia”; in the film, however, she reclaims her spot as a fellow traveler.


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